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After Marty moved back from Las Vegas to Albuquerque (which we were not expecting, and were very happy about), Chris, Greg and I left the just-formed Saturday Banned to regroup The Out but with a new name: Random. In The Out, we had spent a lot of time recording our own versions of videos of our favorite bands (The Cure, New Order, etc.), and in Random we tried to actually cover songs by bands we liked and then branched out into recording originals. We played some exciting concerts and were the first band to play during school hours at our high school La Cueva, but we never recorded at a studio or released a proper album or single. We did get back together one time shortly after Mulligan Stump formed so we could record a couple of songs we had not recorded previously, but we four never played in the same band together since that time. However, there is the possibility that we may record something again in Portland in 2009 or 2010 if we can manage to all meet up again.

The point at which this band ended is probably when Chris Chavez told the rest of us at a party that due to his increasing need to be in a reggae band and our inability to play reggae music (specifically our inability to “skank”), he was going to quit (the night ended with him flipping all of us off on his way out the door with Jason Garduño, his reggae musician friend he later started Mystic Vision with). Marty and I tried to continue by playing with Amy Linton on drums (she went on to form the Aislers Set in San Francisco), but I didn’t have my heart in it anymore after Nick Campbell and I became friends again and started Mulligan Stump. Marty joined Flake Music, which led to the Shins, and Greg and I played together again many years later in Seattle. Greg played in several bands in Albuquerque until that time, including Little Blue Schooner and Somersault and briefly in the Shins.

Chris played in the Concentrators and then he and I did some recording as Mezzobomb in San Francisco in 1999.

Band Members: Sergio Chavez (bass), Chris Chavez (drums), Greg Golden (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Marty Crandall (guitar, vocals, keyboards)

Years of Operation: 1992 – 1993

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Song List:

Most of the following songs were recorded in my parent’s garage in Albuquerque:

Carmen (Version 1 – A very bombastic Nirvana-inspired song.  The name “Carmen” comes from it being the name of one of the chickens on an IHOP poster that we found funny for some reason)

Carmen (Version 2)

Channels (Instrumental version, and one of the last recorded Random songs)

Debaser (A cover of the song by The Pixies.  Lead guitar handled by the “guitar” setting on Greg’s keyboard)

Depressing Song (Version 1.  The two-note solo had potential)

Depressing Song (Version 2.  Instrumental and without keyboards)

Depressing Song (Version 3.  Used in the original Poon movie)

Eh (The tape recorder was set to record at a very slow speed so the playback was very fast in this mini clip)

Glomar Goodies (This short recording deserves a little explanation.  The beginning is Greg singing in an Eddie Vedder-esque “yahee yahee” way but using the voice Glomar from the cartoon series of Punky Brewster has (that voice has been used in countless other cartoon characters, as well).  The second half is Greg (on drums), Marty, and I doing a cover of Debaser but with the lyrics replaced by those of a local commercial from Goody’s restaurant where they featured “enchiladas and beans and rice”.  In addition, Marty sounds like the dad from ALF while he sings it.)

Haircut (Another original Poon movie soundtrack song)

Hoyt (Version 1)

Hoyt (Version 2)

Just Like Heaven (Version 1 – without keyboards, and an interesting panning mix on the drums and bass)

Just Like Heaven (Version 2 – also without keyboards, and with the chorus modeled after the Dinosaur Jr. version of this song)

Scurvy (Version 1 – not a very good version.  I don’t think the lyrics were fully formed yet and the keyboards are not on this version.  But what sets this version apart is Marty singing, “I have scurvy.  What are the chicks gonna say?”)

Scurvy (Version 2 – with keyboards, but still a pretty sketchy version)

Scurvy (Version 3 – We finally got the tempo right on this version)

Scurvy (Version 4 – Even faster than the previous version)

Scurvy (Version 5 – Starts off with us practicing some parts for “Haircut”.  I believe this is the one we used in the video for this song, which I hope to post here one day)

Scurvy (Version 6 – The final version.  Besides the two live ones you’ll hear below)

Shaney (Version 1 – Marty didn’t get turned up very much in this mix!  No keyboards in this version, either)

Shaney (Version 2 – Also without keyboards.  Chris had a better handle on those timbales in this version)

Shaney (Version 3)

Shaney (Version 4 – A bit faster than the other versions)

Shaney (Version 5 – Another terrible mixing job.  I don’t know how we always managed to mix one instrument very high and then a few of them are barely there at all.  We did a better job mixing in The Out than we did a couple of years later in this band.  Very abrupt ending, too)

Sketchy (Shortly after recording this, we popped it in my parent’s tape deck to hear the results.  We could barely hear Greg’s keys during the recording, but he came out FRONT AND FUCKING CENTER in this hilarious recording.  After the rest of us were done dying of laughter, he tried to steal the tape from me so he could break it but we fought very hard to keep it out of his hands, so it’s kind of a miracle this recording even made it.  In hindsight, the rest of the band’s parts are pretty much as hilariously bad as the keys are)

Song 3 (Version 1 – with Greg on vocals (and Marty))

Song 3 (Version 2 – lots of feedback at the beginning, Greg on vocals again (I think))

Space Filler 1 (This one contains a discussion about Greg’s keyboards, and a healthy portion of Song 3 being worked on)

Space Filler 2 (Most of this stuff is actually from The Out a couple of years prior, including Scott Aaron and I jamming on drums and bass)

Space Filler 3 (Also mostly from The Out days.  We’ve got some Eye of the Tiger and Just Like Heaven on this one)

Space Filler 4 (This one is very vintage.  At first it’s Random doing Song 2, and then Greg and I when we were 8 years old doing a “rap” song, Greg warning his mom that he and I would be loud for a few minutes while we rehearse, a Depeche Mode intro to Status, a sped up version of Song 2, a remix of me saying “arright” over and over, cowbell in repetition, and Song 2 being rehearsed at Marty’s house)

Status (Version 1 – This is our reworked version of the old The Out song.  This one is awesome because of Chris Chavez getting so pissed at the end after he messes up and Marty tells him “Eh?  What happened?!  You screwed it!”.  Because this would have been a Grammy-worthy recording if we had made it to the end of the song)

Status (Version 2 – Phew!  We made it to the end of this one without incident.  Practice makes perfect, or at least it makes this song)

Tina/Christina (Version 1 – without keyboards)

Tina/Christina (Version 2 – with keyboards and a bit more polished than the previous version.  It appears to cut off at the end.  No worries, there is still …)

Tina/Christina (Version 3)

Traveling (Version 1 – Very slow and meandering)

Traveling (Version 2)

Winded (Version 1 – This very early instrumental version of the song has Greg playing his piano on it in Greg’s mom’s living room.  Chris is playing a snare drum, I’m using a practice amp, and Marty is using an acoustic guitar)

Winded (Version 2 – a distorted instrumental version with a messed up ending)

Winded (Version 3 – the final version featuring Greg on guitar)

You Mean This? ( If I remember correctly, this phrase was uttered by some kid at LCHS who did something unimpressive after saying it, sort of like what we do in this joke song)

What Do You Call This? (I know there’s some sort of joke in this song title but it has been long forgotten)

You Really Screwed Things Up This Time (This is an embarrassingly bad “song” that’s really me playing guitar, which I couldn’t do at all, and singing to “sound check” for the following day’s recording session.  Chris was unlucky enough to be around when I was doing the sound check.  I’d go into more details about the lyrics but that would be even more embarrassing)

Radio Ad 1 (This was  a New Year’s Eve show with the Rudiments,  Blue Roof Dinner (which James Mercer was the singer of, and Neal Langford was also a member), and the Rosemarys)

Radio Ad 2 (This time we played at El Rey with Lizard House, The Rudiments, Love Street, and “several others”, one of which was us)

Radio Ad 3 (With Lizard House, Big Mud Tractor, and Love Street)

We were the first band to ever play in the “Fishbowl” at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque (the high school all of the band members went to).  Since the school had two different lunch sessions each day on our closed campus, we played two sets to our captive audience:

A Lunch:

Shaney (The beginning of this recording is actually of Mark Sigler making a lot of noise on the mic in my garage, followed by Ed Stuart being called an idiot by Chris Chavez, and then the actual recording of this song starts after a bit of that)


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Just Like Heaven

Debaser (Marty scolds us for going way too fast, and then we do it again just as fast, if not faster)

Close To Me (We weren’t really prepared to play this song.  The recording ends with Marty playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which had been released like one month before this gig, and then chants of “Let Mark play!” referring to Mark Sigler (while the lunch bell rings), who expressed interest in soloing in front of everybody)

B Lunch (these recordings came out much more bass heavy than A Lunch):

Shaney (We are “The Randoms” at this point, I guess.  Marty breaks a string when we’re more than halfway through the song and then we play the whole damn thing over again.  Finally, there is some tuning at the end of the song, something no audience ever wants to hear.  Amateurs!)


Love Will Tear Us Apart (Someone sits in front of the boom box during this recording and gets reprimanded)

Just Like Heaven

Debaser (The principal basically shut us down towards the end of this song, much like a mean-spirited sound guy at a bar would)

Songs we recorded several months after breaking up:

Entropy (This song goes from a state of “order” to “chaos”, hence the name, which I also thought would be a great band name a year later.  Too bad a Google search of bands named Entropy brings up so much heavy metal)

Wons (Greg moves from guitar to keyboards on this song)

Extra info:

Here is a gallery of images from this time period:

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