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February 10th, 2009 by lo-budge

These songs were recorded by people I played with in other bands, but I’m not on any of these recordings.  Most of these recordings made their way to my minidisc collection in one way or another, and I’m including them because they tie in with my memories of the bands I was playing in at the time.  This page is sure to grow as I select other songs to put on here (Chris Chavez, send me some Mystic Vision or Stone Lions or Concentrators to put on here!).  Most of the songs were recorded in Albuquerque.

Song List:

Devil’s Angels by Arjuna (This was the band Jeremy Barnes played in right after Entropy, probably around 1995, and we were friends with some of the other members.  Nick Campbell helped them get a show opening for Chocolate USA, which Julian Koster was a member of.  He recognized Jeremy’s talent and helped bring him on to Neutral Milk Hotel to record “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”.   Jackson sings this song)

Never Tomorrow by Arjuna (I was in Mulligan Stump II when Arjuna was around, and we used to call this song by its Spanish name “Nunca Mañana” as we thought it was funny.  Mitch sings this song)

Come Away by Montclaire Blues (This was recorded with Rob Ritter, Nick Campbell, and Jeremy Barnes in their high school band at Sandia Prep, probably in 1992.  Nick passed it on to me shortly before we started Mulligan Stump and it was a fixture in my Hyundai’s tape deck for a long time while Random was breaking up)

Instrumental Song by Ed Stuart, Jesse Sandoval, and Erin Brackett (Before Marty and Jesse were in Flake together, there was this …)

Mieke by Flake (An early single by Flake.  I lost the vinyl but I kept this recording of it)

Science Diet by Flake

Take a Swig by Flake

Citrus Shine by Gavin Rhodes (Recorded in San Francisco by Gavin, who played all instruments and did some sort of modulation on his vocals.  The same GrooveBox drumbeat we used in the Halo song “Stella” is on here)

Save Some Roses by Gavin Rhodes (Also recorded in SF)

I Follow You by Gavin Rhodes and Alex Freeman (Gavin and Alex were dating and living together when they recorded this song)

Nick’s GrooveBox Song by Nick Campbell (While I try to squeeze every bell and whistle out of the GrooveBox (literally), Nick avoids any attempt at making sensical drum beats and uses as many white noise and static sounds as possible to create this queasy horror-movie soundtrack.  God bless him.  This was probably recorded in SF around 1999)

Regina and Nick’s Song (Nick and his friend Regina used to do lots of annoying shit together, and this is one of those projects.  Recorded in SF around 1999)

Trans Amway by Rochester Fosgate (This is my favorite Rochester Fosgate song (aka Kevin Fullerton), and he kindly provided the lyrics for me since I asked for them):

It’s alright, we’ve got you dialed in to our program
1981 Trans Am, louvre’s foolish gold and leather tans
350 horses at your hands so you can drive across the desert in september
your mullet got so long you don’t remember
where you got those jeans, that glide right down your legs into your pro-wings. you ditched your tie and cut off both your shirt sleeves, and then you went to see the one called Steve.

It’s alright, we’ve got you signed up for a session,
the basic entry level plan, Steve’s got a summer home on some island, you’ll sit down and listen to him rant
about all the joys that riches can deliver
he’ll tell you all about the arrows in his quiver
and he’ll fill you with greed, just so you will join his pyramid scheme
you’ll take 85 and he’ll take 15 …

the people stacked from head to toe, apartments to the sky
and there you were the 20th floor with dreams of someday flying
no time to contemplate your fate, you might as well be dying
no other way no other gate
you’ll have to take trans amway

Sigler’s Wisdom (This is my favorite mp3 on this whole site, and it deserves a full transcript):

How this recording made its way to this site:  Chris Chavez discovered this recording on the back of a cassette tape that Mark Sigler had recorded some song ideas on.  Chris, thankfully, flipped the tape one day and found this incredible recording.  I quickly make a copy of it.  This was probably around 1994, but I’m guessing)

The Scene:  Mark Sigler and his burn-out friend set up a tape recorder at Sigler’s grandma’s depressing house near Coronado Mall in Albuquerque and Sigler tries to convince his friend that an off-chord best describes his life.  You can read along in time to the recoding.

Burn-out: Arright.

Sigler:  Alright … or … (plays two guitar chords)

B:  Let me set this up right … that should pick it up.

S:  OK  … either this … picture it … this is your … which one is your life, dude?

B:  (plays drumsticks together)

S:  Right here … (plays chord) … or …  (plays another chord) … wait, fuck!

B:  (indecipherable)

S:  Right here … check it out, dude.  (plays chord again) … Or … (plays other chord)

B:  Like when someone says, “If you were on a desert island, and you could pick, like, ten albums … “, how the fuck could you do that, man?  It’s like, I couldn’t pick ten albums.

S:  (irritated) All right, but no … this is … I’m trying to show …

B:  See, I could get into a record store and buy fuckin’ a thousand albums if I had the money.

S:  Which chord would describe your life more, though?  Listen.

B:  You have to play the same one over and over before I can decide.

S:  Alright. Listen … (plays chord over and over)

B:  Play it ’til (indecipherable)

S:  … Or … (plays other chord, the one he really wants burn-out to associate his life more with)

B:  That one would more …

S:  (Happy that things went according to plan so he can launch into his prepared speech)  Yup.  See?  That’s the OFF-CHORD.  That’s the note ALONE.   That’s the sharp note.  Listen … that’s …

B:  (uninterested, starts tapping drum sticks together again)

S:  In music, that’s the spiritual side that we are, dude.  There’s a spiritual side in  music, dude, and …

B:  Sometimes I feel like one, right now I feel like the other one.  It depends on (indecipherable)

S:  (obviously deflated, starts to play loudly)

B:  (Starts banging out of time on a cymbal, then starts tapping his sticks on cans)

S:  (Plays a beautiful almost flamenco sounding tune)

Tape clicks off.

Somersault Song 1 (I’m not sure what the titles of these songs are, so Greg or Marty will have to enlighten me.   Somersault (at least on these recordings) was Greg Golden, Ryan Holmes, and Marty Crandall in Albuquerque in 1998)

Somersault Song 2

Somersault Song 3 (There’s a nice queasy keyboard solo on this one)

Somersault Song 4 (Some unexplainable glitches are on this otherwise nice recording)

Somersault Song 5

Somersault Song 6 (The beginning of this one reminds me of early Ride)

The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2 by Somersault (The irony of two people I used to play with covering a song recorded by somebody else that I used to play with is not lost on me.  Ryan Holmes does a pretty good Jeremy Barnes in this Neutral Milk Hotel cover song)

Cupid, I’m Sorry by The Difference (This song may or may not be about Chris Chavez and was sung by his ex-girlfriend Courtney Ballard, although Sam Miller was the original vocalist.  Jesse Sandoval was the drummer for this band, Jason Vick played guitar, and Randy Groghan was the bass player.  This is probably from 1991.)

Accordion by Will (a short bombastic number)

Gigantic by Will (a cover of the Pixies song)

January Tonight by Will

The Supermarket Downers by Will (Will recorded some of these songs in my bedroom when he was staying with me after having to hastily move out of his other apartment in San Francisco due to some strange circumstances, and they very much remind me of this period of my life)

Extra info: More songs will surely be added to this page at some point.

Lito and Los Looney Tuñez

Lito and Los Looney Tuñez

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