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January 3rd, 2009 by lo-budge

BIO: Mulligan Stump formed after Random dissolved just towards the end of my senior year of high school. Nick Campbell and I renewed our friendship following Random’s break-up after having not seen each other too much since the days of The Problem (even though we were practically next-door neighbors). He was playing with his instrumental band that formed in high-school (at Sandia Prep) called Montclaire Blues (named after the brand of cigarettes). Jeremy Barnes was the 14-year old drummer in this band, but he left it just as Chris and I formed a group with Nick and we eventually named it Mulligan Stump (a combination of “Mulligan Stew” and “Bear Stump”, two other names we somehow considered having). At first, we were a three-piece consisting of just Nick, Chris C., and I (I think under the name of The Good Stuff), but Chris Gatley and Robin soon joined.  Gatley was a friend of Nick’s from when he attended The Academy and he knew him to be a good singer as he had performed vocals on “Blackbird” by the Beatles a few times at parties that Rob and Nick played at.   I don’t have a recording of it here, but Nick, Rob, and Gatley often performed this song at our gigs.

The band ended after one fun summer of releasing a demo tape and playing at a lot of parties and bars. Robin went back to school at UC Davis after having taken the summer off.  Our recorded output for the four months we were together is impressive.

Band Members: Sergio Chavez (bass), Nick Campbell (guitar), Robin Ritter (guitar), Chris Gatley (vocals), Chris Chavez (drums)

Years of Operation: 1993

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Song List:

We played at an outdoor party hosted by my friend Juan Ramon in Albuquerque shortly after becoming a band, and Chris Gatley was sick and could not perform with us on these songs at this highly memorable get together.  In his place was our friend Teo who played harmonica and introduced each song:

Jazz I (Starts sounding like “Barney Miller” after a while, minus the horns and good sound quality and trained musicians)

Trash-o-Matic Blues (I love this version – the dueling guitars make it a lot of fun to listen to – and the ending drum fill that ends the song is a nice touch)

Sky Song (This song was created by “guitarist specialists” according to Teo)

FOP (Teo says, “This one is entitled ‘Voluptuous Turpitude'”.  I know this sounds crazy, but the chorus of this song (if you can say it has one) was inspired by 808 State’s song “Sexy Dancer”.  I was listening to electronic music but playing in a bluesy jam-band)

Same Straw, Same Time (This was later called “Morning Glory”.  I can’t remember why it was called this in the first place)

Come Away (Nick’s little practice amp never sounded sweeter than this)

The Valley (This is Rob and Nick playing the roots of the song)

Buck (later became named “Downpour”.  Either the drums are missing from this recording or Chris C. just didn’t play on this song yet)

Strong Arm (There’s some awkward mixing to this version.  You can hear Marty Crandall, who attended this party, at the end saying “Mulligan Stump … Phosphoric Entripulation” which Chris Chavez responds to with “Fuck you!” since Marty was making fun of our band name.  Marty joined Flake Music a few weeks after this party)

The Demo Tape:


Side A:

Come Away

Window Moth

Trash-o-Matic Blues

Saying Goodbye to the Father

Strong Arm

The Valley

Painfully Quiet

Side B:


Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet/PBS (PBS stands for “psychedelic bass song” due to my 3-note breathtaker)

So Much For You

Sitting In The Sun

Morning Glory

Jazz II

These songs were recorded during the time of our demo but did not make the final cut:

Come Away (Version 1)

Come Away (Version 2)

Days Gone By (Robin Ritter and Chris Gatley)

Downpour (Version 1)

Downpour (Version 2)


Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet (Version 1)

Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet (Version 2)

Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet (Version 3)

Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet (Version 4)

Jazz II (Sheesh – I didn’t let Chris get in much of a drum solo towards the end)

Morning Glory (Version 1 – short and instrumental)

Morning Glory (Version 2)

So Much For You (has a sort 0f Trash-o-Matic ending to it)

Strong Arm (Contains lyrics from what became “Sitting in the Sun”)

Trash-o-Matic Blues (The tape speeds up inexplicably at the beginning, and it was obviously not quite finished yet)

Window Moth (Instrumental version)

Window Moth (This song was sort of an anomaly for Mulligan Stump, I think.  And this version has a very nostalgic feel for me.  Chris Gatley’s vocals are just as tinny and washed-out as the other instrument’s tones, and it sounds great)

Window Moth (This is the “fast part” of the song (but with half-time drum beats on this recording), as we were working on it.  Chris Gatley sings on it (with what sounds like the lyrics to “Saying Goodbye to the Father”) in this version, but it is instrumental in the demo version.  Nick has some nice parts in this version)

Window Moth (This is just the “slow part” of the song, with some interesting reverb at certain parts)

These songs were played at Sheryl Mickey’s 18th birthday party at her house in the NE Heights of Albuquerque (The Primitive Painters and Flake were on this bill, also, although the party ended early):

Flyer design by Chris Chavez and Sergio Chavez

Flyer design by Chris Chavez and Sergio Chavez

Come Away (the tape is warped at the beginning.  This song was called “Hotfoot” at the time)

FOP (our instrumental song, but with some “vocals” on this version)

Is The Poor Lad Dead Yet

Strong Arm

Downpour (the drums are at double-time at the beginning – nice ending, too – if you like awkwardly ended songs)

Morning Glory (This is Chris Gatley’s first time actually singing this song with the full band, hence Nick saying “Good job, dude” at the end)

So Much For You/Trash-o-Matic

The Valley

Come Away (yes, we started and ended the set list with the same song!  About one hour after we played this song, Sheryl burst into tears and told Chris Chavez that he ruined her party because a lot of uninvited guests appeared that she assumed were because of him.  She was probably right.  I don’t think Flake or the Primitive Painters played much, if at all, due to cops breaking up the party.  Cops that Sheryl called on her own party)

The following songs were recorded after the demo was released:

Blind Man

Cowboy Song (live recording)

Calypso Song (recorded live and spontaneously)

It’s Not A Dream

Painfully Science (the ska version of Painfully Quiet, using Rob’s nickname in the title)

Extra info:  Here are the photos of the scans above that can be enlarged, plus some extra images.










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  • Josh writes:
    November 29th, 20125:36 pmat

    Hey- I was friends with Nick and Chris Gately way back when this stuff was recorded. Really cool to hear it again…. Thanks!!!

  • lo-budge writes:
    December 1st, 20127:52 pmat

    Hey Josh! I remember hanging out with you back then, too. I’m glad you checked it out! I hope all is well.

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