Sesame Street: 12
Apr 29th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – Sesame Street: 12 And Pinball Animation.

From Chris:

I know everyone remembers the 12 song from Sesame Street. It’s such chunky 70’s New York City latin funk! So rad.  Brings back so many memories. I remember wondering how the pinball balanced on those swirly ramps without falling off!


YouTube – Coconut Records “West Coast”
Apr 26th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – Coconut Records “West Coast”.

Greg sent me this video, and after we had discussed it (and before I had seen it), he told me this was a Jason Shwartzman song.  After finally viewing the video tonight, I realized I have known this song for a long time but did not realize it was a song penned (and sung?) by him.  Kyla has had this song on a mix CD we play in our car all the time.

And furthermore, this video has Mark Gonzales skateboarding and showcasing his skillz.

Finally, happy belated b-day to Chris Chavez and Marty Crandall last week.  This video is in honor of those dudez.

Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Notorious Thugz
Apr 20th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Notorious Thugz.

This was the background song on the video Chris posted last Friday.  I knew it – I knew it was Bone Thugz!  They have such a trademark rapping style.  And follow along with these lyrics, if you can – this really is a great song.  As much as I loved the weirdo in the video Chris posted, I’m glad it introduced me to this song:

Bone and Biggie, Biggie.
It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie . . .
We gonna rock the party [rock the party, party].
Better run and tell everybody [everybody, everybody].
alternating with Layzie:

Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Come on and . . .
Get high, get high, get high . . .
This is a lake of fire, but I can’t even hold on.
[Simulated clapping.]
Notorious thugs.
Nothin’ but them thugstas. Nothin’ but them thugstas [thugstas].

Notorius B.I.G.:
Armed and dangerous: ain’t too many can bang with us. Straight up weed, no
angel dust. Label us notorious thug-ass niggas that love to bust. It’s strange
to us, y’all niggas be scramblin’, gamblin’ up in restaurants with mandolins
and violins. We just sittin’ here tryin’ to win, try not to sin, high off weed
and lots of gin. So much smoke, need oxygen, steadily countin’ them Benjamins.
Nigga, you’d should, too, if you knew what this game would do to you. Been in
this shit since ninety-two. Look at all the bullshit I’ve been through:
so-called beef with you-know-who, fucked a few female stars or two. Then a blue
light, niggas move like Mike, shit, not to be fucked with. Muthafucka, better
duck quick, ’cause me and my dogs love to buck shit. Fuck the luck, shit,
strictly aim, no aspirations to quit the game. Spit your game, talk your shit,
grab your gat, call your click, squeeze your clip, hit the right one. Pass that
weed, I gotsta light one. All them niggas, I gotsta fight one. All them hoes, I
gotsta like one. Our situation is a tight one. What you wanna do: fight or run?
Seems to me that you’ll take B, Bone and B.I.G., nigga, die slowly. I’m a tell
you like a nigga told me, cash rules everything ’round me. Shit, lyrically,
niggas can’t see me. Fuck it. Buy the coke, cook the coke, cut it. Know the
bitch, before you caught yourself lovin’ it. Nigga, roll the Benz, fuckin’ in
it. Doesn’t it seem odd to you? B.I.G. come through with mobs and crews.
Goodfellas down for the Mo Thug crew. Who’s the killa: me or you?

Puff Daddy:
We forgive you, for you know not what you do.

Seven A.M. woke in the morning, with Hen and caffiene and green and nicotine.
No dough, so pop a couple of those. Little RIPsta, nigga, Mr. Clean make it
gleam, deep in my temple, and I go get sentimentally steamed with my
instrumelody and heated especially for your team and the forty-five indeed will
beam in between the seams, destroy your dreams. You willing to die? We’ll see
how many flee when I ’cause the scene. We mean mug, Mo Thug, trained to be
perfect disciples when it’s survival time, die by double-edged sword, triple
six rivals spittin’ fire, that’s the real truth, bitch, breakin’ down for
lives, my Messiah, better get ready for Armageddon, shoots expired, it’s wild.
Bless the child, the one that became a man, but them positions’ already there,
all that I had to do was stare. Test me now, contend, never no surrender, no
pretend, pick up my gun in my hand, one of my trusty friend, friends. Hey, open
and let ’em see if we’re real. We all suited, beg my pardon to Martin, baby, we
ain’t marchi
n’, we shootin’, and daily recrutin’. There’s a thug born everyday in the
ghetto. We start ’em off little, we give ’em a bottle and a pen and pad. They
hit the label, kick it.

Little Kray roll on over to the dark spot, to the dome with a shot of burb, now
me go back to the curb. Me feelin’ that urge to splurge, but I’m broke as fuck.
“Sin, gimme that Mossberg swerve.” Off into my pad, ’cause I gotta get my mask
and shells to put in this twelve-gauge sawed-off, get ’em mauled off, nigga,
y’all lost. They get hauled off. Got a nigga callin’, though, for the pump, now
Leatherface, Sin runnin’, thuggin’ and cuttin’, Lil’ Mo! Hart quick to pull it,
ain’t nothin’. Bitch, if you’re steppin’, we’re buckin’ them guts. That’s
fucked up. Now let me get down for the crime. Got to go purchase a dime, put in
the state, nigga double the crime, smokin’ the reefer to ease my mind. Swig
some wine, step on the block with the rocks, but really me servin’ ’em dummies,
see. Gotta buck ’em on down, if they come talkin’ like, “Give me back me
money.” Thuggin’ with me killas, need us a liter of liquor, but niggas ain’t
got shit, but a sawed-off pump, chrome .38 pistol, now who ready to get back
? Nigga like me fiendin’ for them green leaves, but I ain’t had no dough. Gotta
make some money, so I makin’ my dummy rocks, if I go broke.

It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie.
It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie . . .
We gonna rock the party [rock the party, party].
Better run and tell everybody [everybody].
alternating with Layzie:
Ride. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Come on and . . .
Get high, get high, get high . . .

[Yeah.] Little Lay, hey, comin’ in the form of scripture, fin to get ya and hit
ya with magic, drivin’ out late, but I call on my gadgets. With an automatic
status, we spray. Time to load the glocks, but I’m thinkin’ not, there’s
another evil force tellin’ me to do what I gotta do, so I up my pipe, a nigga
dyin’ tonight, and I’m always runnin’ from the boys in blue, biggy-blue’s on my
ass. Now, I whip out the cellular phone to call Bone, “What’s happenin’? Grab
artillery. Niggas start packin’, ’cause a muthafucka tried to get me in a
jackin’, and I did him.” Hit ’em right between the eyes. The spot was wise.
Wanna test a nigga’s size, and it cost him. Nigga fuck around with the wrong
shit, y’all get mo mudered all day, all day. We can play that way, and I’m on
the run. I’m a call my boys, and bring all the guns. Y’all niggas wanna have a
little fun with #1, bloody red, redrum, rum, rum, rum, rum, rum, bloody red,
redrum, rum, rum, rum, rum, rum, bloody red, redrum.

It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie.
It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie . . .
We gonna rock the party [rock the party, party].
Better run and tell everybody [everybody].
alternating with Layzie:
Ride. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Come on and . . .
Get high, get high, get high . . .


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You
Apr 19th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Everything With You” Super 8.

Nick sent me this video the other day.  I don’t know anything about this band, other than people on YouTube are calling them My Bloody Valentine rip-off’s and either love them or hate them.

I like the song a lot and I really appreciated seeing a video done all in Super 8.  I am working on some Super 8 Film film transfer edits right now and I love looking at the quality of the film.  I thought the song went really well with it.

Synth Happens – Separated
Apr 18th, 2011 by lo-budge


SYNTH HAPPENS | Myspace Music Videos

A friend posted this on Facebook the other day and I had never heard of this group before.  I loved the video.  Most or all of it has to be scenes from a movie I’ve never seen before.  Unless they somehow produced this video themselves, which would be even more incredible.  I have been watching and listening to other videos they have done and they are in the same vein and pretty amazing.  Who are these guys?

Rev. X – the Manifesto…The Directors cut Part 2
Apr 15th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – Rev. X — the Manifesto…The Directors cut Part 2.

From Chris:

I did not discover this guy on my own on YouTube. Howard Stern plays audio clips from this dude’s 90’s era Public Access expletive-laden sermons.

In this video he seems very very geeked out on some sort of stimulant, takes off his shirt, undoes his pony’s tail, and seems to go into a freestyle trance dance while rocking out to what sounds like Biggle Smalls. All in the name of Christ. So rad.

From Sergio:

I think there is a Bone Thugz ‘N Harmony song in the background, or maybe they’re guesting on this Biggie Smalls track.  This was hilarious.  Now I have to watch all of his other videos.  I took the week off from posting but plan on being back on track next week.

Jon Stewart Does Glenn Beck Better Than Beck Does
Apr 7th, 2011 by lo-budge

Jon Stewart Does Glenn Beck Better Than Beck Does | MoveOn.Org.

Bibio – K is for Kelson
Apr 6th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – K is for Kelson – Bibio.

I know Chris is a Bibio fan.  I thought I’d listen to a new track and I like this one a lot!

The Kills – Future Starts Slow (Live)
Apr 5th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – The Kills – Future Starts Slow Live In Session, Radio 1.

I just read a review of The Kills new album and decided to check out one of the songs – they are not a band I’ve listened to in the past.  I really liked the guitar parts on this one a lot the first time I heard it.

Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever
Apr 4th, 2011 by lo-budge

YouTube – Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever.

Here is a recent Kurt Vile song.  He used to be in The War on Drugs who opened for Destroyer at the concert I went to last month.  I hadn’t heard of him until after the show, and now I’m listening to all of his songs that I can find.

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