Jason Collett – Love Is a Dirty Word
Jun 30th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Jason Collett – “Love Is a Dirty Word” Arts & Crafts.

Kyla introduced me to this song recently.  The rhythm section is great on this recording.  She is up in Washington DC and I will be there again this weekend for two nights.  I’m looking forward to this brief trip, possibly my last trip there before we move.

But that means I will miss the World Cup quarter-finals!  I’ll have to just watch those games later.

I bet you think I forgot about the oil spill.  Au contraire, I just got used to it, I guess, until I saw that the first hurricane of the season is wreaking havoc on coastlines and clean-up efforts even though it is far from the source of the gusher itself.  It’s going to be a long summer in the Gulf.

Flamenco Guitar Barcelona
Jun 29th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Flamenco Guitar Barcelona.

How I wish I was in Barcelona, where these two flamenco guitarists live and were filmed, rather than in an office cubicle when I watched Spain beat Portugal.  What a match.  I’m so happy it didn’t end in a shoot out, like it did for Japan earlier today.  I hope Spain can advance past Paraguay to play either Germany or Argentina.

Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.
Jun 28th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A..

God, that loss to Ghana was painful to watch.  We lost to them AGAIN!  And England took a beating to Germany which was also painful to watch.  All of my hopes are on Spain now.  I am so excited about tomorrow’s match against Portugal, as I have never seen the two Iberian Peninsular teams play against each other.

This song has special significance for me as I remember going to a bar in a small town in northern Spain many years ago owned and operated by a guy obsessed with Bruce Springsteen – he even had his side burns and tousled hair.  So weird to have been at a New Jersey musician inspired Spanish bar.

Let’s go Spain.  Down with Brazil, although they had an impressive victory over Chile today.

Cheb Khaled – Rai Old
Jun 25th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – cheb khaled rai old.

From Chris:

This is a re-post! When lo-budge first started his blog, he asked me to send him a link to music I had been recently listening to. So I sent him Cheb Khaled. This is Raï music from Algeria, and I’m posting this song to commemorate the USA win over Algeria in the World Cup. Raï music’s roots come from a mix of Spanish, French and Algerian music, and it is very rhythmic and hypnotic and Khaled’s voice sounds very foreign to my ears. I think it’s great. Cheb Khaled is a huge star in Algeria and France and throughout northern Africa–he even performed at the World Cup opening celebration! This post is of an old song, but the music continues to evolve and incorporate elements of modern dance music and even reggae (the Wailers have performed on a few of his tracks).
Lets go USA! I am so excited to see Saturday’s game US vs Ghana.
Temple of the Dog – Hunger Strike
Jun 24th, 2010 by lo-budge

I apologize for all of the grunge music this week, especially this one.  This song is the epitome of the early 90’s Seattle sound in my opinion, considering this is basically Pearl Jam with both Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden as vocalists.  And the video is so perfect for that time period.  And the hair isn’t bad either.

I think I worked out some major kinks in my plans for moving today, so I feel good about that.  I didn’t watch as much World Cup as I could have, though.  That will be amended.

And I don’t expect Chris to continue my grunge theme tomorrow.  Listening to this music while watching international football is like working out at a gym while listening to The Doors or something like that.

Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
Jun 23rd, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick music video.

The grungefest continues …

Today was full of ups and downs.  Landlords, job stuff, oil containment, McChrystlal stepping down, and then …

the USA pulled off an absolutely miraculous last-minute victory over Algeria and find themselves at the top of their group and advancing to the next round!  Astounding.  I’d write more but it’s official … I’M WASTED (i.e. tired)!

Nirvana – Lithium
Jun 22nd, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Nirvana – lithium – Lyrics.

Kyla sent me an article she ran across about what the young man the baby on this album cover has become is doing now.  It’s worth a read, especially as I think he’s telling the truth about how kids these days would rather play vidz than form bands.  It was a good read.

Unlike the McChrystal Rolling Stone article.  Bad read.

France and South Africa are out of the running in the World Cup.  Here’s hoping the USA can advance tomorrow …

Modest Mouse – Third Planet
Jun 21st, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Modest Mouse – Third Planet.

So, it’s official.  My family and I are moving back to Seattle in mid-August.  There are many things that need to be figured out, but I am excited about the upcoming move and reconnecting with many old friends!  Very excited.

Unfortunately, this means leaving Agua Mala and I am hoping we can do one more better recording of some songs in the time I have left in the Triangle.  I don’t know yet what is in store for me musically in Seattle, but if I can get Eddie Vedder and Kenny G together in a new band with me on vibes, then nothing can stop us.

Spain played a great match against Honduras today and emerged victorious.  All of these matches have been so fun to watch – I don’t think I’ve ever watched so much of the World Cup before.  I have a new appreciation for the athleticism of the players – you can really tell who is talented and how much work they put into it.

And the oil catastrophe?  Still going strong.  I hope in a year I can say the gushing has been stopped.

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (In-studio)
Jun 18th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Yeasayer – “O.N.E.” (In-studio on

This song has been on daily rotation on our local public radio station here in LA, KCRW. Its a great pop-style track, with an awesome combination of live instruments and sequenced rhythms. I don’t know anything about this band at all. Wikipedia says they hail from Brooklyn. This live version is just as good as the album version heard on the radio. Always a sign of a great band! I’m really digging this track.
USA eked out a draw against Slovenia! The US has to stop doing this to their fans–they seem to be good enough to win, but always have to come from behind. I was going to post a Slovenian song last night, but after seeing some of the replays of what nasty players they were, I feel very anti-slovene right now.
Dateline Seattle WA: The wife of Golden G gave birth today to the couple’s second child. Congrats to both parents and we welcome Golden Boy to the world! I’m sure he will be even more kick-ass than his pops.
K’naan – Wavin’ Flag
Jun 17th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – K’naan – Wavin’ Flag [South Africa 2010 Official Theme Song].

Kyla didn’t have time to post anything today, but I know this was the song she wanted to pick.  K’Naan is Canadian-Somalian, and this is the official FIFA World Cup 2010 song, or at least it was before it became Shakira’s Waka Waka, or maybe they’re both official.  It’s hard to tell.

I’m waiting with bated breath for tomorrow’s USA v Slovenia game!  And also for some other news, that this bonus additional video may have significance for in a post next week …

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