What ‘choo talkin’ ’bout D’willis
May 30th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Whatcha talkin bout Willis.

From Greg:

An icon from our youth has fallen.  R.I.P. to Mr. Gary Coleman, the pint-sized pipsqueak that provided a glimpse into urban life us young ones wouldn’t have seen otherwise from the sun scorched mesas we called a playground.  He has now joined Abraham, the black goldfish, in that big ocean of stars in the sky.

From Chris:

When I was in Brazil they aired rereuns of Diff’rent Stroex with young GC, speaking in hilarious overdubbed Portuguese. Who will ever forget the ‘Special Episode’ where the pervert gets Arnold to dress up as Tarzan? I can’t rememer how the whole episode went, but I remember being disturbed and bummed that it wasn’t a regular episode of Diff’rent Strokes.
Gary seemed to be struggling in these recent years, so I hope he is in a better, easier place.

From Sergio:

“Little T”  will be missed.

Cutty Ranks on Stereo Mars
May 28th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Cutty Ranks on Stereo Mars.

From Chris:

Parts of Kingston Jamaica have been turned into a war zone this past week due to the police and army trying to capture the drug kingpin, Christopher Coke, who the US wants extradited. Christopher Coke is known as a “don” and controls a particular part of the city where the police do not go and is void of services. Mr. Coke provides the neighborhood with a social safety net of sorts, provided by his finances from drug sales in the US. His supporters vowed to protect him and cordoned off the neighborhood to keep the police and army out. Mr. Coke is affiliated with the Jamaican Labour Party which is currently in power.

Most neighborhoods in Kingston are affiliated with the two main political parties in Jamaica, which are both left wing, the  JLP and the People’s National Party, which is a bit further left than the JLP. Most neighborhoods in Kingston during the 70’s and 80’s supported local sound systems (a crew of DJs and MCs with a huge PA system) where dancehall music was created after the trend of the roots reggae wave in the 70’s passed. This is a clip of a PNP rally where a young Cutty Ranks expresses his love for the PNP and the Prime Minister Michael Manley, who was in power throughout all of the 80’s.
Arcade Fire – Month Of May
May 27th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – NEW ARCADE FIRE SINGLE!! “Month Of May” (2010).

This is the new single from Arcade Fire, or at least the B-side of it.  I’ve barely listened to it yet.

I can’t tell how “top kill” is going.  Early reports from the LA Times said that it worked, but the video feed I’m watching shows some robotic arm holding a wrench and hitting it against what I am guessing is the blow-out preventer.  I love how BP is using remote operated vehicle robots to “fix” things the way I “fix” my car when it’s broken – by hitting it with a wrench!

I’m hoping I can take the oil spill counter down over the weekend, but I’m not feeling too confident about that at the moment …

Oasis – Fuckin’ In The Bushes
May 26th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Oasis – fucking in the bushes.

After losing my love for Oasis some time after their second album, I still bought Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and really liked this mostly instrumental song a lot, although I don’t remember the rest of the album and it has been years since I listened to it.  This is a pretty out of character song for them, I think, in that it’s really driving and not too Beatles-rip-offy.  In my opinion, Blur always beats them in the Blur vs. Oasis rivalry I remember so much from the 90’s.  But I also like the Beatles more than the Rolling Stones, so there you go.

It looks like Ye Olde Tyme Top Kill is being decided on right now.  I for one will be closely watching this blog that has been showing some interesting information I don’t see anywhere else.

Van Halen – I’ll Wait
May 25th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Van Halen – I’ll Wait.

Oh, man.  The little cymbal “splashes” at the beginning.  The bass keyboard on the right speaker.  The lyrics.  The guitar solo.  It’s perfect!

Diamond Dave may be able to wait, but one thing we we won’t be able to wait for is any live streaming of tomorrow’s “top kill” BP is attempting to perform.  If it doesn’t work, it will be followed up by the “junk shot”.  Is this a porno movie or an attempt to stop a massive oil rupture?  We’ll find out tomorrow!

Simone Breaks It Down
May 24th, 2010 by lo-budge

Simone Breaks It Down on Vimeo on Vimeo

Here is my daughter Simone doing some break-dancing moves recently in a video edited by Kyla, set to “Peter Piper” by Run DMC.

Blur – Oily Water
May 22nd, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Graham Coxon & Damon Albarn Oily Water.

I don’t usually post over the weekend, but I’m out babysitting right now and for some strange reason this song popped in my head.  Great song!  Bad connotations!

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – The Lonely Bull
May 21st, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass The Lonely Bull Video 1962.

From Chris:

For some reason lo-budge decided that “songs with a trumpet” is the theme of the week. Here is a killer cut from legendary trumpeter Herb Alpert with The Tijuana Brass. I heard this song on the radio not too long ago while I was driving, and when I got home I was pleased to discover that I had the song on vinyl (on the Lonely Bull album)! I’ve always liked this song, and I recall it being used in an old skate video, possibly on Future Primative. Can anyone confirm that?
How the hell did they do that intro shot dropping into the bull ring? Parachute? Hang glider? Jet pack? It’s so awesome.
Beulah – Score From Augusta
May 20th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Beulah- Score From Augusta.

When I re-read yesterday’s post and saw that I said this week’s theme had “songs with horns”, I realized how general and vague that was.  That’s like saying “each song this week has a beat”.  So, more specifically, each song has a trumpet.  That’s a little better.

Beulah was a band from San Francisco that I listened to a lot when I lived out there, but I never saw them live, unfortunately.  This song reminds me of a certain time in music, when Elephant 6 bands were all the rage.

Rather than keep telling you things you already know about the massive oil spill, I am going to keep the counter on the right up until the well is plugged.  Hopefully by 2012 that widget will be removed and the pages on this site will fit nicely on the screen again (depending on your screen resolution).

I also fixed The Comics Curmudgeon feed.

Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff
May 19th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff.

There seems to be a theme of songs with horns evolving this week, so it made me think of this one, which is one of Kyla’s very favorite songs.

I got a nice e-mail from Sam Miller this morning, who is an old friend that I lost contact with over the years and was also the original vocalist of The Difference, a band in the “Not Me” section.  He was able to provide me with some extra details for the song “Cupid, I’m Sorry” that I have updated on that page.

In oil spill news, I have a bonus video for you today:

You can play the song above while you watch this awesome video as it does not have much audio of its own.

I think my Comics Curmudgeon RSS Feed is broken, so I’ll be playing around with the right-side-bar again today.  I’ll take suggestions for anybody’s favorite RSS feed.

I think I missed Greg Golden’s birthday last week while I was out.  Happy birthday, Greg!

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