The Specials – Gangsters
Apr 30th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – The Specials – Gangsters 1980 Saturday Night Live.

From Chris:

I know I already did a posting on The Specials, but this clip deserves a look. I can’t get over missing their show here in LA earlier this month. I had no idea they were playing the new Nokia Theatre until the day after the show! And they only played 4 dates in the US: LA, Coachella, and 2 nights in New York.  I read an article about The Specials reunion in the New York Times, and it explained how the band began to fall apart after a 1980 tour in the US. This clip is from their appearance on Saturday Night Live (which must have flown under the SNL radar because SNL seems to be nazis about clips from their show floating around youtube), and apparently the band was in disarray and not getting along and totally over worked from touring 2 years straight and embarking on their first US tour. The article went on to report that upon returning to England from the US, the main song writer Jerry Dammers changed the band’s sound for their second album from ska to incorporating muzak and easy listening which he heard for the first time when touring the US. Amazing!
The energy of this song “Gangsters” is incredible, and everyone seems to be performing very well even though they werent getting along. They only release 2 albums and one LP (“Ghost Town”) in their short career. That might have made their legacy even more important.
The Flaming Lips – Race for the Prize
Apr 29th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – The Flaming Lips – Race for the Prize Mokran Remix.

Sometimes I go to Jay Is Games for a “quick break”.  Yesterday I stumbled upon a game that kind of blew me away in how well done it was.  If you are an old 8-bit Nintendo fan and loved Mega Man, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Metroid, and Zelda, then you will love this game.

I have been meaning to post more links to online games that I like.  I used to have ambitions of programming my own games but have not entertained those notions in quite some time.  Maybe when I’m a burned-out mad-dad in my mid 40’s I’ll sit around on my computer in a basement all day and finally make some.

Caribou – Odessa
Apr 28th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Caribou – Odessa.

A few people on Facebook have been posting this song, and I listened to it this morning and really liked it.  I have never heard any Caribou or Manitoba recordings before, so now I want to hear more.

Agua Mala (our name may change soon, but for now that’s the name) will be recording a demo this weekend, with yours truly engineering and producing the results.  It will be a lo-budge affair with just a couple of mics on the drums and amps, and will be a live recording without vocals, but hopefully something will be posted on here soon afterward.  We have about 10 songs now and hope to record four of them.

Hole – Doll Parts
Apr 27th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Doll Parts – Hole – Lyrics.

I was talking about this song with Kyla the other day.  Neither of us are Courtney Love fans, to put it mildly, but I said that I always have liked this song.  I just listened to it before posting this and realized I still like it, although it has been years since I listened to it.  This version has some glitchy parts but is by far the best audio quality I could find.

Crystal Castles – Celestica
Apr 26th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Crystal Castles Celestica.

Now that I have all of that garbage out of my system from last week, I can concentrate my energies on things I actually do like, such as this new Crystal Castles song.  Apparently their new album is self titled, just like their first one was.  I need to get both of them.

William De Vaughn- Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
Apr 23rd, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – william de vaughn- be thankful for what you’ve got (original).

From Chris:

We’re taking a break from lo-budge’s liberal blathering–about corporate corruption, catholic pedophiles, tea baggers, global warming deniers, Wal-Mart shoppers, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t read the Huffington Post–and getting back on track with some smooth jams.
Massive Attack covered this song for their album Blue Lines, which is the first time I heard this song. It was definitely my favorite track on the album. This here’s the original by Washinton DC native, William De Vaughn. Perfect way to start your weekend. Both versions are great, but this version has an incredible instrumental break down in the middle of it.
Thanks for the bday wishes, lo-budge. 35 years old today! Feeling good, doing fine and happy to be alive.

From Sergio:

I never knew until I heard this song (for the first time just now) that this song was the inspiration for the chorus on West Savannah by Outkast!  That’s a factoid that any teabagger can appreciate.  I suggest going to your local Wal-Mart, picking up this CD, and heading to church with it blasting from your corporate system.  Bonus points if you’re driving a Hummer.

The Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
Apr 22nd, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Pixies-Monkey Gone To Heaven.

Happy Earth Day!

As noted yesterday, this is the perfect day to talk about one other irritating group of people that takes precedence over other groups that I will not get to during this rant week (including “birthers”, people who would rather have school children eat crap than the nutritious foods that Jamie Oliver is promoting, people who shop at Wal-Mart due to low prices but lament that so many jobs are being shipped overseas, and people who loved the movie “Avatar”).

Global warming is real.  It has been going on for quite some time.  When I hear about a snow storm in a region that doesn’t usually get snow, that is further proof of global warming.  When a place that usually doesn’t get rain gets a lot of rain, that is proof of global warming.  Just because someone hacked into the e-mail accounts of some scientists who appeared to be trying to fudge some numbers, or just because you don’t like Al Gore, doesn’t make global warming not real.  I’m not trying to say I’m Mr. Low Emissions (I’m not) or that we should quit driving cars or even quit drilling for oil (yet), I just think we need to make some big changes and soon that are based on easy-to-understand science and not ignorance, religion, or plain old stupidity.  If our population was much smaller (or was not scheduled to explode in the coming decades), we could continue business as usual.  But the reality is that we can’t if we don’t want corporations to own our air and water in the future.  Sticking our head in the sand or saying “It snowed in (insert state where it does not usually snow, like Georgia)!  Global warming is bullshit!” is not helpful, and it makes you look dumb.

The end.

Finally … Happy early birthday Chris Chavez!  I look forward to your birthday Friday post tomorrow.

Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come
Apr 21st, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come.

I’m watching this movie right now (The Harder They Come) and taking a break from ranting about annoying stuff.  Tomorrow is Earth Day, so global warming deniers will be the target of my ire in the morning.

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
Apr 20th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – R.E.M.-Losing My Religion(With Lyrics).

I really don’t know where to begin on this one.  It’s such a huge and disturbing issue that is impossible to ignore.  The Catholic Church pedophilia scandal, while not surprising, is being handled so very badly by the Vatican that it’s painful for me to read more about it each day.  And yet I am obsessed with learning the latest developments.  It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion and would be almost comical if it wasn’t for the disturbing and despicable acts that are being covered up.

I have watched several documentaries and read a few books about this subject over the years, and now that it is a full-blown scandal it’s interesting to see the same old lies, cover-ups, pedophile priest shuffle-ups across the world, and denial from the Church.  I am dumbfounded by the “defense” they are claiming.  I actually don’t think the majority of the blame should be pointed at the pope, although I will be happy if more evidence comes to light of him being complicit in any of the events he surely knew about over the years.  Even the previous pope signed off on his support of a congratulatory letter sent by a Cardinal to a French bishop who hid an abusive priest.  And they’re still looking at making Pope John Paul II into a saint?  Seriously?  A fucking saint?  I guess the requirements have gone way down.  A few questionable magic tricks used to do the job, but now you merely need to look the other way when major crimes are happening in the organization you lead.  I guess this makes most corporate CEO’s saints, too.  They even know some pretty good magic tricks (like making employees disappear and creating wealth on paper), but unlike any Catholic employees they are subject to actual real laws.

I’ve heard it said many times in the past few weeks, and I completely agree that if the church was a corporation, it wouldn’t last three days.  The pope would be in jail along with everybody else complicit in the crimes, long sentences would be carried out, and the organization would be forcefully disbanded.  Unfortunately, the church has Vatican City to hide behind and an efficient system of moving pedophiles around from one child-rich environment to another.  I was wondering lately if this little game of hide-the-priest was still happening, and it is alive and well.  Now they take priests that fucked up in the developed Western world, where Catholicism is on the decline, and put them in third world countries (where the religion is growing) where it will be even harder for them to get caught.  There are many future scandals happening there now.

I wanted to end this rant with my two favorite defenses that church has used so far:  First there is the praying with victims and the letter writing the pope has done so far.  There, that ought to take care of it.  Get a group of victims together and pray over it.  Send a letter to Ireland and tell them to get over it.  And then have the audacity to tell your followers to pray for the church!  That’s like when George W. Bush asked soldiers to pray for him!  Or when coaches pray that their high school football team will beat the other team (who also made the same prayer).  God’s phone lines must get pretty busy with all this noise coming in constantly.  No wonder he/she/it decided to check out long ago (i.e. never existed in the first place).

Then there is this one, in which the “chief exorcist” says that the “devil” has invaded the Vatican.  This is an insult to functioning adults who have brains, whether they are religious or not. And, besides being clearly a bottom-of-the-barrel defense, it is also a way to not have to take responsibility for anything.  “The Devil did it!  We couldn’t stop him!”.  Seriously?  It’s as if, since they really do believe when you die that you go to Dairy Queen Land forever,  that all of us (Catholics, atheists, and all other religions) are supposed to buy it, too.  “Oh, the chief exorcist says the Devil invaded the Vatican!  Better start praying for the church!”.  Incredible.

I was Catholic until I was about 16 years old, and my exit from the church and feelings about it were similar to this post, which is very well written and is something I can relate to very strongly.  I am happy to have put that dark aspect of my life to rest.

In completely other news … Happy Birthday Marty Crandall!

Toby Keith – Courtesy Of the Red White and Blue
Apr 19th, 2010 by lo-budge

YouTube – Toby Keith- Courtesy Of the Red white and blue(Lyrics).

I don’t think it’s possible for me to despise a song more than I do this one.  I’ve been thinking about how this blog isn’t very political, something that Chris alluded to recently.  I definitely am keeping it that way on purpose as it’s a media library site about music, mostly.  But every once in a while enough bullshit builds up that I think I need to write about it or else I’ll go crazy and do something stupid like make belligerent comments on Facebook or leave angry comments on people’s blogs.  I can hardly read CNN (or most any website’s) news stories online anymore because of how annoying the comments are.   Yet I can’t stop myself from reading them.

Anyway, this will be my “blowing off steam week” about shit that that’s driving me crazy lately, be it politics or religion or breakfast cereals.  And then I can get back to posting songs I like and musing about website updates until this shit builds up again.

Today’s topic is about the Tea Party and its members, most of whom probably listen to this type of song and have posters of teary-eyed bald eagles in their rooms.  I just finished reading the Get Your War On anthology, a comic I have been following since it started shortly after September 11, 2001 when I was living in Seattle .  It perfectly expresses my feelings about the war in Iraq, the election in 2008, and many other subjects.  The author, David Rees, really did call bullshit right away (as is mentioned in the introduction to the book) on the whole post-September-11 “patriotism” craziness that led to many bungled wars, wasted money and lives, and no real results.  The War on Terror has been about as effective as The War on Drugs.

For some crazy reason, I thought I would be in a better mood after Obama won.  And for the most part, I am really happy with most of what he has done since being in office.  But then this mis-directed, totally crazy, uninformed, “non-partisan” (except almost totally right wing), bigoted, angry movement in the form of the Tea Party started up and the news media just can’t get enough of them.  I’m not sure how many members it has; I have heard as many as 18 percent of Americans identify with it, which is huge – but you’d think they were as big as the Republican party by the amount of news coverage they get.  It’s sort of like how much news coverage Sarah Palin still gets, even though she’s a private citizen who quit her government  job and pretty much just shows up to be a paid speaker at events (many of which are for the Tea Party).  The disproportionate amount of news produced for the Tea Party “movement”, as well as for the ex-governor-turned-entertainer, is driving me almost as insane as the Tea Party itself.

What makes me the most angry about the movement is that its roots are in things that I completely disagree with, but to not agree is to be painted as not being a “real American”.  That root is the feeling that we are taxed too much.  That the government can’t be trusted and uses our hard-earned money for failed projects that future generations will never be able to pay the debt for.  That God and guns are somehow the two most important things, after (or maybe before) liberty and freedom.  That we live in the “freest country on earth” and it’s now all being taken away.

I guess another way of looking at it is:  Tea Party members seem to think that the pooling together of resources (aside from the obvious fact that they are putting resources together in their own movement) is socialist, and socialism is the enemy of capitalism, and keeping as much of your own money helps you make the best decisions for you and your own family.  But isn’t that what Wall Street, one of their biggest targets, does every day?  Also, government regulations should be minimized, according to members.  Non-regulation of the financial markets is part of what caused our current recession, and not following or enforcing government safety regulations helped contribute to the recent coal mine explosion in West Virginia.

Smaller government and stronger state rights reminds me of some of the primary values the South held during the Civil War.  And of course that leads me to think that the major root I left out above is racism, although that is strongly denied by Tea Party members for obvious reasons.  But how can they deny that when people are paying less taxes than ever, and spending and government increased during the Bush presidency?  Why was the Tea Party formed shortly after Obama took office and not a year or two into the Bush presidency, especially if this is a “non-partisan” movement?  Personally, I think it’s an extreme conservative movement that has me unsettled and on edge.  Seeing pictures and watching interviews of the members makes me think I live in a different country than they do, except I know some of these people.   The sad thing is that I don’t think it’s going to get any better for a long time.

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