Some Distant Memory – Electronic
Sep 30th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Some distant memory – Electronic.

Oh, what the hell.  I mentioned it yesterday and then I found it on YouTube today.

With Spanish subtitles.

I have confirmation that the majority of the comics are either being scanned or mailed to me, and a few of them have already leaked onto this site – but only the b-list kind.

Update 10/2/09:  Sorry, this video was pulled from YouTube less than 24 hours after I linked to it.  I can’t find any other version of it online.  Oh well.

Elliott Smith – Everything Means Nothing To Me
Sep 29th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Elliott smith Everything Means Nothing To Me.

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Any song that has a layered build of instruments and crashes at the end or on choruses with big drums and strings (similar to “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths or “Some Distant Memory” by Electronic) will get lots of repeated listens by me.  This song also reminds me of Fall.

I posted some old Mulligan Stump flyers for two shows (six days apart, and with the same opening band both times) at the Fat Chance on Central Ave in Albuquerque, probably in 1993.  The Fat Chance closed long ago but it was fun to play there as a teen and get free beers until they realized we were under age.

Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater
Sep 28th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Yo la tengo – autumn sweater.

Fall is in the air now, and this song always gets in my head at this time of year.

I got caught up in a million errands and planned events this past weekend and did not scan anything new, but I scanned this last week and it brought back some memories:


It’s a list of words that Chip and I wrote for use in a “time capsule” that we never buried that were part of our slang vocabulary of the time (1991?).
There’s a few more words on the back that I didn’t bother scanning, but should be saved for posterity:
Ca Caw
Ahh ya … ok … weirdo on board
Randy Fat Face
Finally, Kyla and I were interviewed by the Durham Herald-Sun’s Cliff Belamy for a piece he was writing about the Flicker Festival that we participated in on Saturday 9/26 here in Durham, which can be found here.
Mr. Belvedere – Opening
Sep 25th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Mr. Belvedere – Opening.

I have felt sick all day – hopefully not the beginning of a flu.  Chris should be back from his honey moon in time to do next Friday’s update, but I’m sure he would approve of this one.

A bunch of stuff was scanned last night, and most of it has been posted, but I’ll go into details about it next week.

PS22 Chorus “PICTURES OF YOU” by The Cure
Sep 24th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – PS22 Chorus “PICTURES OF YOU” The Cure.

This was a nice find by Kyla.

The Entropy pictures have been located and will be uploaded by the end of this year as it will take a few months for them to be sent to me.

I am scanning some more banner pictures tonight and a few comics as well.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw – The Man Who Sold His Beard
Sep 23rd, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – A Hawk And A Hacksaw – The Man Who Sold His Beard.

I had the pleasure of seeing A Hawk and A Hacksaw last night at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill.  The intricacy of their playing and the style of music that they masterfully perform (which I have very limited knowledge of) really took me to another place as I was watching them.  This line-up featured five members and some instruments that I could not even name, one of which played by Heather Trost that seemed to have a fishing line and reel integrated into it as well as a horn for amplification of the sound.  Jeremy Barnes told me the name of it after the show but I promptly forgot it, unfortunately.

Please see their tour dates and do not miss them if they come to your town.  They are touring with Damon and Naomi, but the show in Chapel Hill was instead opened by two local bands I had not seen before.

Jeremy reminded me that Entropy had some band photos taken and I am trying to contact the person who took them so I  can add them to the page.  I never thought back when we were in a band together that one day I would say he is an even better accordion player than he is a drummer, but there, I just said it.

Daft Punk – Short Circuit
Sep 22nd, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Daft Punk – Short Circuit.

My daughter loves this song.  This is how I know she is my daughter.

Kanye West Interrupts President Obama’s Speech
Sep 21st, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Kanye West Interrupts President Obama’s Speech VMA Parody Comedy.

There’s a lot of this “Kanye interrupts” crap up on YouTube ever since the original interruption, but this one was by far the funniest one I could find.

I wasn’t able to do much scanning last weekend, but I’ll have some time this week.

Pump Up The Volume (Part 1/20)
Sep 18th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Pump Up The Volume (Parte 1/20) – Legendado Pt.

Chris sent me this video link before I left to his wedding, and it is nine minutes long and features the history of the Paradise Garage dance club in NYC in the 1970’s, and this appears to be part 1 of a 20 part British documentary about this history of house music.  This version has subtitles in Portuguese.

I added a flyer image to the Mulligan Stump page last night.  I also started on the comics page and have three scanned in, but I may wait until I have at least 20 before I publish the page.

Tiga – Shoes
Sep 17th, 2009 by lo-budge

YouTube – Tiga // Shoes.

Today’s video is courtesy of my wife Kyla, who says “it’s like Vogue magazine crossed with Flight of the Conchords”, and she also notes that the woman’s voice is Tiga tuned up a few octaves (and he also provides the man’s voice).  Look for more updates from Kyla as she regularly listens to CBC podcasts and finds new Canadian bands for us to listen to all the time.

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